Casting Subject To Change


Principal Roles

John Adams (MA)                            MIKE MORGAN

Benjamin Franklin (PA)                   GERALD DOLTER

Thomas Jefferson (VA)                   KEEGAN PECK

Abigail Adams                                   KAREN DOLTER

Martha Jefferson                              MELISSA ARNOLD


Members of Congress

John Hancock (MA)                         MICHAEL WELCH

Richard Henry Lee (VA)                  JOSHUA REYNOLDS

Edward Rutledge (SC)                     GREG WASCOE

John Dickinson (PA)                        FRANK RENDON

Judge James Wilson (PA)              MIKE MEISTER

Stephen Hopkins (RI)                      DARRELL BATEMAN

Robert Livingston (NY)                   HUGH CROW

Lewis Morris (NY)                            PATRICK MITCHELL

Roger Sherman (CT)                       CHRISTOPHER SANDERS

Col. Thomas McKean (DE)            MICHAEL ROBERTS

Caesar Rodney (DE)                        MARK MARTIN

George Read (DE)                            DIMITRI PAPPAS

Joseph Hewes (NC)                         NATHAN THORP

Dr. Josiah Bartlett (NH)                 DAVID STAGGERS

Samuel Chase (MD)                        JUSTIN DUNCAN

Dr. Lyman Hall (GA)                       CHASE GIBSON

Rev. John Witherspoon (NJ)        SHAWN GRAHAM



Supporting Roles

The Courier                                                  CASEY EDWARDS

Andrew McNair (Custodian)                     COLTON DUNCAN

Leather Apron (Asst. Custodian)             JELANI ASHLEY

Charles Thomson (Secretary)                   GEORGE COLE


Civic Center Theatre
1500 Mac Davis Lane
Lubbock, TX



Musical Arts Center
2806 Avenue A
Lubbock, TX

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September 23, 2017, 1:30pm - September 30, 2017, 4:30pm

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"Miracle on 34th Street" - Cast List

Doris Walker - Rose Duncan
Susan Walker - Abi Mills
Fred Gaily - Daniel Patrick Hogan
Kris Kringle - Mike Morgan
Marvin Shellhammer - Travis Ty Burge
R. H. Macy - Mitchell Britton

Supporting Roles:
Judge Martin Group - Mark Martin
Tammany O’Halloran - Jess Peterson
Mr. Sawyer - Andrew Campbell
Thomas Mara - Mark Bass
Tommy Mara - Camden Reese
Harry Finfer - Micah Pappas
Mrs. Finfer - Amanda Cornelson-Martinez
Miss Crookshank - Mariel Morgan
Clara - Kelsie May
Miss Sims - Katrina Wilson
Mr. Gimble - Andrew K. Parsley
A Drunk Santa - Andrew Campbell

Florencio Aranda
Betsy Bass
Mallory Flores
Aubree Giselle
David Goforth
Cailyn Hoes
Jake Medina
Sarah-Clementine Mire
Josiah Morales
Olivia Needham
Annie Burge
Natalya Pappas
Kathryn Parsley
Kelsey Peck
Kensly Peck
Jess Peterson
Kate Phillips
David Lee Staggers
Nathalie van Gilder
Breana Young
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