“Peter Pan” Program

Bio and Headshot Submission

    Performer Details

  • Please type a brief personal bio within the confines of the word count listed below. The “bio” should tell something about you, including your acting background and personal information. You cannot possibly include everything you want in a brief bio, but the closer you adhere to the required word limit, the less we will have to edit it and the happier you will be with what finally appears in the production program.

    Here are some tips for writing your bio:
    •Write in the third person
    •Include recent performances and roles performed
    •Include interesting tidbits of information about yourself
    •Feel free to use a quote from yourself within your bio (sparingly)
    •If something is special to you, go ahead and mention it! This might include where you were born, where you work, where you go to school, etc. People often seem to like ‘people news!’
    •Avoid inside jokes when you write your bio. The folks who will be reading your bio won’t get it and they will end up feeling left out.

    Here’s a sample of a fun-to-read bio:
    “Anne, a Seaforth native, is very excited to be portraying the part of Mary in this production of It’s a Wonderful Life! Anne’s theatre experiences include the role of Melissa in Love Letters and small roles in My Fair Lady and Children of Eden; and she proudly portrayed Max, the dog, in How the Grinch Stole Christmas. When she’s not acting (or crawling around the stage on all fours), Anne enjoys writing, dancing and graphic design.”
  • Biography

  • The following word counts are in accordance with the space allowed within the program. Bios which exceed the below listed word count will be edited to fit the given space.
    Principal characters receive a space of 250 words:
    -Doris Walker
    -Susan Walker
    -Fred Gaily
    -Kris Kringle
    -Marvin Shellhammer
    -R.H. Macy
    Supporting characters receive a space of 100 words:
    -Judge Martin Group
    -Tammany O'Halloran
    -Mr. Sawyer
    -Thomas Mara
    -Tommy Mara
    -Harry Finfer
    -Mrs. Finfer
    -Miss Crookshank
    -Miss Sims
    -Mr. Gimble
    -A Drunk Santa
    Ensemble performers receive a space of 50 words:
    Directors receive a space of 250 words:
    -Stage Director
    -Music Director
    Production team receive a space of 100 words:
    -Set Designer
    -Costume Designer
    -Make-up Designer
    -Hair Designer
    -Sound Designer
    -Lighting Designer
    -Stage Manager
    -Production Manager
    -Rehearsal Accompanist
  • Headshot

  • If you have trouble submitting the form, please email your bio and headshot to Bevin@LubbockMoonlightMusicals.org, with the subject line "Phantom bio and headshot submission". You should view a confirmation screen and receive a confirmation email after submission.



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